Helping Organizations Improve


We work with your organizations' staff to:

  • Help them view internal and external company processes through a new, simpler, lean lens.
  • Create a learning organization that drives itself to achieve major improvements on a wide range of metrics.
  • Study the flow of people, information, materials, products, and more.
  • Challenge status-quo.

Our mission is to help you serve customers better, innovate, improve communications, improve quality, reduce safety incidents, help address labor shortages and often save organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We look forward to helping your team think differently!   

Industries We Have Worked Within


  • Helping customers convey their needs to contractors, more effectively.
  • Designing facility layouts that meet the needs of your business.
  • We believe in a construction ‘team’ versus a sub-contractor hand-off.
  • Working to eliminate every effort that is not contributing to the physical creation of a new structure. 


  • Working with staff to clean and organize warehouses.
  • Developing new warehouse layouts with popular items near the customer counter.
  • Listening to the ideas of the staff to reduce truck loading time by 50%.


  • Reduced the time to create an order of 300 baked goods by 90 minutes.
  • Helped change the layout of the food prep area to serve customers in less time (from 12 seconds down to 3 seconds).
  • Designed and sourced custom kitchen tools to speed prep time. 


  • Our team has more than 30 United States patents!
  • Designed and implemented 100’s of high volume components.
  • Exposure to a multitude of prototype and manufacturing methods.
  • Globally recognized method for evaluation of potential product failures. 


  • Improving productivity as much as 75%!  To name just a few:
  • Identified $223,200 in labor savings for downtime on one product line.
  • Identified $350,000 in savings to reconfigure their plant layout.
  • Developing visual standards.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) and ISO assistance. 


  • Designing facility layouts that provide more convenience and privacy for patients. 


  • Documented clear expectations for each role in the organization.
  • Created step-by-step instructions, with photos, for key product management processes. 


  • Established level load build model for volatile customer demand freeing up 3 hours per day of labor.
  • Developed variable cost model for multi-product business with potential Break Even & Profit points.
  • Created visual control of customer and supplier performance metrics for increased communications.
  • Performed 5 S training for all team members to improve housekeeping and increase efficiency. 


  •  Freed-up ~280 hours annually of their software developer’s time. This equates to ~$40,000.
  • Developed 4 new product ideas (potential intellectual property).


  • Shop ‘search’ time reduced saving employees ~15 minutes. This equates to  ~ $72,000 annually.
  • Work was redistributed to improve shop communications.
  • Ideas generated by staff to improve "win-rate".
  • Developed a job quote spreadsheet to speed up the time it takes to prepare a quote.