About Us

No matter your mission, our mission is to help you do it better! Our processes are designed to empower your team, accomplish goals and streamline processes and facility layouts, so that you can serve your customers better!

We partner with organizations to make a difference. Our team values the input of those that know the processes best; those who use the processes. We work hard to provide them the opportunity to be heard, give them the tools needed to make their issues visual and to drive change. 

We have been helping organizations of all shapes and sizes. Over the past 8 years, Maple Hill has grown through the efforts of talented project managers, with a passion for simpler methods. 


Process Improvement

  • Process Documentation
  • Collaborative Partnering to Challenge Current Methodologies
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Improve Customer Experience

Facility Design Layout

  • Organizational Business Needs Tailoring
  • 20% - 75% Increased Productivity

Project Management

  • Plan Development
  • Team Facilitation 

The Team



The founder/owner of Maple Hill Engineering, LLC, Bobbie Gilman, is a Mechanical Engineer who began managing product development projects in 1988. After learning early on that project delivery can be a struggle with poor or broken processes, she started Maple Hill Engineering, LLC in 2012. 

She has designed and implemented hundreds of high volume components and been awarded three U.S. patents for ideas that stemmed from helping development teams simplify their designs, saving millions in supply chain costs. She has a long history of championing improvements to processes, designing more effective facility layouts domestically and internationally, and has led efforts to standardize processes globally and make process information and performance status globally visible via websites and performance dashboards.


Ken Barton is a certified Six Sigma Associates Black Belt and has more than 38 years of experience in product design and development, project management, cross-functional team building and operational relationships, process and layout improvement, cost and quality improvement, packaging related design and development, supplier, customer support, and facility design and operations.  


Robert Werner brings over thirty years of experience in KAIZEN / Continuous Improvement, Quality / Business Management Systems. Mr. Werner was mentored by Dr. Edward Deming, Dorian Shainin, Masaaki Imai, renowned authorities on Quality, KAIZEN / Continuous Improvement, Dr. Yoji Akao, leading expert in Hoshin Kanri, also called Policy Deployment, and Yoshiki Iwata (Shingijutsu), expert in the Toyota Global Production System, also called Lean.  


Steve Doyle is a highly experienced leader with 30 years of supply chain, global purchasing, program management, lean manufacturing and quality systems process development and execution. He brings extensive knowledge of TPS, lean execution, and team building / dynamics through work with Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, and Saturn Corporation and has facilitated improvement activities across the supply chain.  


Martin "Shawn" Egan sees potential product opportunities that others can’t and is able to show concepts in drawing, rendering, CAD and animations. He excels at solving mechanical problems and uncovering unknown consumer needs resulting in innovations. He has a passion for USA manufacturing and innovation. A BS in ID and MS in manufacturing along with years of engineering experience provides a unique perspective on product development. Extensive experience with plastic part design, injection, blow, vacuum forming, extrusion, rotational, co-injection, over-molding and in-mold decoration. He has 30 patents in a wide range of industries creating competitive advantage. 


Jeannette Rivera is an Industrial Engineer with 25 years of experience in lean, cost control and quality; using Continuous Improvement to successfully lead process change throughout an organization. She has experience driving change on the production floor, research and development, laboratories, offices, warehouses, maintenance shops and more. She helps other's see processes from the Customer's point-of-view, core to facilitating improvements that strengthen the heart of a business.  Jeannette has been coaching and mentoring future leaders on their journey to create job environments where teams thrive and contribute to increased productivity and improved Customer satisfaction.

Certifications & Codes


NAICS: 541330, 541614, 611430 | DUNS: 065328232 | CAGE: 7DVK7

UNSPSC: 80101702, 80101703, 80101600, 81101600, 81141701, 82141505